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Edited by Inga Schei and Lokman Slim
Hezbollah: The "Good Wing" vs. The "Bad Wing"
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» EU to rule on blacklisting Hezbollah
Source & Date: Aljazeera, July 22, 2013
» EU ministers ready to blacklist Hezbollah
Source & Date: AFP, July 22, 2013
» Lebanon urges EU to keep Hezbollah off blacklist
Source & Date: The Daily Star, July 19, 2013
» Vienna agrees to label Hezbollah as terror group
By: Jonny Paul, Benjamin Weinthal
Source & Date: The Jerusalem Post, July 18, 2013
» Gulf states agree to blacklist Hezbollah as terrorist group
Source & Date: al-Arabiya, July 17, 2013
» US fines 'Hezbollah' bank USD 102 mn for laundering
Source & Date: AFP, June 26, 2013
» Treasury Sanctions Hizballah Operatives in West Africa
Source & Date: U.S. Department of the Treasury, June 11, 2013
» UK bid to blacklist Hezbollah faces EU opposition
By: Eric Randolph
Source & Date: The Independent, June 04, 2013
» Bahrain bans political groups from contacting Hezbollah
Source & Date: Reuters, May 27, 2013
» Europe's stance on Hezbollah hardens
By: Jonathon Marcus
Source & Date: BBC News, May 23, 2013
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