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Edited by Inga Schei and Lokman Slim
Hezbollah and the Syrian Crisis
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» News of Hezbollah [Fighters] killed in Syria
Source & Date: al-Jazeera, October 03, 2012
» Syria bomb blast kills Hezbollah operative
By: Martin Chulov
Source & Date: The Guardian, October 02, 2012
» Hezbollah fighter's mysterious death raises questions
Source & Date: Now Lebanon, October 02, 2012
» Hezbollah increases support for Syrian regime, U.S. and Lebanese officials say
By: Babak Dehghanpisheh
Source & Date: The Washington Post, September 27, 2012
» Hezbollah's 'Resistance' Project Is Shaken by Syria Crisis
By: Samer Frangieh
Source & Date: al-Monitor, August 31, 2012
» Can Hezbollah Survive the Fall of Assad?
By: Hanin Ghaddar
Source & Date: The New York Times, August 28, 2012
» Hezbollah leadership divided over Syrian crisis
By: Antoine Ghattas Saab
Source & Date: The Daily Star, August 27, 2012
» Nasrallah to place Hezbollah at al-Assad’s disposal- report
By: Yousef Diab
Source & Date: Asharq Alawsat, July 26, 2012
» Nasrallah: “shahids killed in Damascus blast were our comrades in struggle against Israel”
Source & Date: Live Leak, July 19, 2012
» Lebanese ready to fight next to Syrian ‘brothers’
By: Antonio Pamliega
Source & Date: AFP, July 07, 2012
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