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Edited by Inga Schei and Lokman Slim
Lebanese-Syrian Relations
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» Age-old border smuggling takes on new role
Source & Date: The Daily Star, June 05, 2012
» Syrian Troops Kill Lebanese Man Near Arsal
Source & Date: Naharnet, May 29, 2012
» Border heats up as Syria slides toward civil war
By: Antoine Ghattas Saab
Source & Date: The Daily Star, May 21, 2012
» Miqati Hits Back, Says Syria Letter to Ban 'Inflames Disputes'
Source & Date: Naharnet, May 18 2012
» Prisoner Swap Takes Place between Jaafar Clan, Syrian Opposition at Border
Source & Date: Naharnet, May 17 2012
» Roed-Larsen: There is Flow of Arms through Lebanon-Syria Border
Source & Date: Naharnet, May 09, 2012
» Syrian violence spreads across borders
By: Alice Fordham
Source & Date: Bangor Daily News, April 09, 2012
» Lebanon and the Uprising in Syria: Issue for Congress
By: Rebecca A. Hopkins
Source & Date: Congressional Research Service, February 02, 2012
» Syrian Fallout in Lebanon
Source & Date: FIKRA Forum, October 25, 2011
» Future bloc: Citizens do not feel protected by government
Source & Date: Now Lebanon, October 11, 2011
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