Alerts, News and Background from Lebanon
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Edited by Inga Schei and Lokman Slim
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» A Need for a Stronger Code of Journalistic Ethics in Lebanon?
By: Sanaa Khoury
Source & Date: al-Monitor, August 19, 2012
» BITS; Computer Virus Is Aimed at Banks in Lebanon, Security Firm Says
By: Nicole Perlroth
Source & Date: The New York Times, August 10, 2012
» Cyberattack on Lebanese Banks: Are Iran, Syria Finances Target?
By: Mustapha Hamoui
Source & Date: al-Monitor, August 10, 2012
» SNC confirms Saudi, Qatari weapons in Syria
Source & Date: al-Akhbar, August 06, 2012
» S&P Drops Lebanon Outlook to Negative
Source & Date: Now Lebanon, May 28, 2012
» Toothless Wolf: Turkey's incapacity to act against Syria
By: Birol Baskan
Source & Date: al-Arabiya News, April 29, 2012
» Are Syrian Alawites and Turkish Alevis the same?
By: Soner Cagaptay
Source & Date: CNN, April 17, 2012
» Religion and Secularism in the Modern World: A Turkish Perspective
By: Prof. Dr. Mehmet Gormuz
Source & Date: Center for Strategic Research, March 2012
» Turkey and Syria: The Alawite Dimension
By: Akin Unver and Nazim Can Cicektakan
Source & Date: Foreign Policy, March 18, 2012
» 'All-American Muslim' Cancelled: TLC Cancels Controversial Series
Source & Date: The Huffington Post, March 07, 2012
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