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Syria Picks
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» Lebanon marks 'devastating' milestone with millionth refugee
By: Issam Abdallah
Source & Date: Reuters, April 03, 2014
» The Southern Front, Part II
By: Michael Weiss
Source & Date: Now, August 17, 2013
» Syria: disillusioned rebels drift back to take Assad amnesty
By: Ruth Sherlock
Source & Date: Telegraph, July 23, 2013
» Syrian rebels get 'the jilt' from Washington
By: David Ignatius
Source & Date: The Washington Post, July 18, 2013
» U.S. Begins Shipping Arms for Syrian Rebels
By: Adam Entous, Julian E. Barnes
Source & Date: The Wall Street Journal, June 26, 2013
» Oh Sayyida Zeynab!
By: Hussain Abdul-Hussain
Source & Date: Now, June 17, 2013
» Syria rebels 'kill Shia residents of eastern village'
Source & Date: BBC News, June 12, 2013
» Iraqi Shiite fighters' Syria role raises tensions
By: Qassim Abdul-Zahra, Adam Schreck
Source & Date: The Miami Herald, June 10, 2013
» As Syrians Fight, Sectarian Strife Infects Mideast
By: Tim Arango, Annie Barnard, Duraid Adnan
Source & Date: The New York Times, June 01, 2013
» Alawite heartland on Syria's coast remains loyal to Assad regime
By: Abigail Fielding-Smith
Source & Date: Financial Times, May 20, 2013
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