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Syria Picks
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» Syria: how jihadist group Jabhat al-Nusra is taking over Syria's revolution
By: Ruth Sherlock
Source & Date: The Daily Telegraph, February 08, 2013
» Syrian Jihadist Groups Take Conflict to Lebanon
By: Jean Aziz
Source & Date: al-Monitor, February 02, 2013
» Turkish PM likens Syrian events to Karbala
Source & Date: Now Lebanon, September 07, 2012
» Violence in Syria is New Karbala, PM Erdogan says
Source & Date: Turkish Weekly, September 07, 2012
» What Happens in Syria is a New Karbala
Source & Date: Turkish Weekly, September 07, 2012
» Syria Christian refugees in Lebanon fear Islamist rebels
By: Alexandra Sandels, Patrick J. McDonnell
Source & Date: The Los Angeles Times, August 22, 2012
» Don't Pity the Nation
By: Mitchell Prothero
Source & Date: Foreign Policy, August 21, 2012
» Erdogan, Iran, Syrian Alawites, and Turkish Alevis
By: Stephen Schwartz
Source & Date: The Weekly Standard, March 29, 2012
» What was Saad Hariri thinking on Syria?
By: Hani Sabra, James Fallon
Source & Date: Foreign Policy, September 16, 2010
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